Resilience is now a very familiar term within organisations and is very relevant in current ‘challenging and changing’ times.  The need to equip people to cope better with relentless change and promote personal wellbeing is essential for both personal and business survival.

Through her extensive work and research around the topic of resilience Liggy is now considered to be a thought leader in this field. During her research for her latest book Resilience - How to cope when everything around you keeps changing - Liggy interviewed over 100 people from around the world to identify the key behavioural indicators of what makes a resilient individual. From her research she has defined 10 key strategies and regularly presents these at conferences as a key note speaker.

Resilience Masterclass

Liggy has also worked with The Learning Architect to develop a half-day bite sized Resilience Masterclass based on ten real-life strategies. During this highly interactive and thought-provoking event, participants learn how to take personal responsibility for building their own individual resilience toolkit.

The key objective of the half-day Masterclass is to promote a more resilient workplace which is better equipped for change and more able to deliver what is required.

The session and experience will help participants to:

  • Be more resilient, agile and responsible
  • Cope better with challenges and change
  • Think more positively and optimistically
  • Manage emotions and stress levels
  • Improve personal wellbeing and life balance
  • Help make a positive difference in work and life

What do Resilience Masterclass participants experience?

  • Key Strategies for developing resilience
  • Motivational and inspiring presentations and energizers
  • Thought-provoking stories and shared experiences
  • Personal action planning and review for sustainability
  • On-going support via access to an extensive on-line library
  • Real-life development to enhance life balance

Tailored to suit your requirements

  • Adapted to suit any size audience
  • Bespoke design at no extra charge
  • Pre-positioning and marketing support
  • Working with you to ensure sustainable outcomes


What people are saying about the Resilience Masterclass

This was a fun, lively and interactive session which was without a doubt, the most positive and productive Masterclass I have ever attended. Not only was it full of meaningful content, but it provided useful actions which were simple to adopt and consequently it has already started to make a difference for me, my family and my work - nice to be part of something where everyone benefits!

Paul R Maney, Head of Strategic Planning, Leeds Council


The resilience masterclass was undoubtedly one of the very best presentations to SIBL members in the past decade. It offers a series of insightful and practical ‘gems’ that really work in helping everyone to win through whatever challenges they are facing in their business and personal lives.

Drew Pryde, Chairman, The Scottish Institute for Business Leaders (SIBL).


The Learning Architect offers invitations to complimentary Resilience Masterclasses hosted at venues across the UK and Europe - please email for more information