Liggy works across industry sector and with a wide range of organisations - This is some of the feedback that she has received from her clients:


I have had the pleasure of listening to Liggy present on a number of occasions. Her communication style has been well-judged for her various audiences and her relaxed yet professional style has helped others to feel able to contribute to the topics in hand

Lauren Rogers - Global Training Manager - Deutschebank


Work is what you make it - Reading this sentence was like an awakening for me and made me aware of what I can do to help myself to change my attitude towards work. I really enjoyed Liggy's style: clear, direct and inspiring.

Jesus Gurrero - United Nations


Liggy's presentation was a really fascinating session introducing the concepts of positive thinking and identifying our behaviour patterns. All the staff who attended came out feeling well informed and with lots of practical steps they could use to improve their workplace wellness.

Gavin Horsfall - Royal Shakespeare Company


The Workplace Wellness session Liggy delivered at UCAS has been so well received by our staff. It is great to see so many people sign up to their personal action plan. The session has had a really positive impact on the department.

Kate Butland, UCAS

Liggy provided a very enjoyable and energetic day for the team. She gave us lots of tips on having a positive approach to work and life and how to manage our own emotions, look for opportunities and to make sure we take care of ourselves in a time of change. We set personal actions plans which will help us in taking forward the tips we want to adopt. A day that is fully recommended to other teams.

Janet Baker - Deputy Regional Director of Public Health, Department of Health (West Midlands)

Liggy gave an excellent motivational talk to our staff and we are now putting into practice some of her suggestions for improving our health and well being and in turn the benefits this will bring to our organisation.We can thoroughly recommend Liggy to inspire your staff to make changes which will both benefit the individual and the company alike.

Malcolm Evans, South Wales Police

Liggy's professionalism and knowledge is obviously outstanding in this field. Also her way of getting over complexity with amazing metaphors make this one of the best presentations I have ever seen.

Alistair Stevenson - Entertainer and Consultant

It is so important that organisations look after their people. This book really does work wonders - entertaining, interesting and most of all very useful in helping people to get the best out of what they do - the perfect workplace handbook!

Dr Hussain Ahmed MBE

Liggy Webb's resilience masterclass was undoubtedly one of the very best presentations to SIBL members in the past decade. It offers a series of insightful and practical ‘gems’ that really work in helping everyone to win through whatever challenges they are facing in their business and personal lives.”

Drew Pryde, Chairman, The Scottish Institute for Business Leaders (SIBL).

It’s amazing reading Liggy Webb's book Resilience. It helps you refocus your efforts and shows what it takes at times of strife and acute anxiety to push on through".

Fiona Jeffery OBE Chairman  - World Travel Market

Liggy's presentation style was a fun, lively and interactive and this was without a doubt, the most positive and productive masterclass I have ever attended. Not only was it full of meaningful content, but it provided useful actions which were simple to adopt and consequently it has already started to make a difference for me, my family and my work - nice to be part of something where everyone benefits!.

Paul R Maney, Head of Strategic Planning, Leeds Council

I found Liggy's presentations onboard the Ventura fascinating. They hit more than a few cords with me. A reason, a season or a lifetime you said. I'd like to think the reason I boarded the Ventura was to be inspired by her talks that have now propelled me in a new direction.

Jim Hutchinson - Passenger - Ventura

I thoroughly enjoyed Liggy's presentations on the pursuit of happiness and related topics. Some expert tips delivered in a direct, simple and humorous manner ensured an interesting, but not too taxing, learning experience. She left me wanting to know more! A great excuse for another cruise!

Jane Bill - P&O Passenger

Liggy's presentations are like Liggy herself; invigorating; thought provoking and fun! What better way to learn than from someone who leads by example

Lynne Martinez, Lufthansa - Belgium

The presentation session Liggy delivered at UCAS has been so well received by staff. It's great to see so many of them sign up to their personal action plan and actually see them working on various areas such as drinking more water or walking to work. The session has had a real positive impact on the department.

Kate Butland - Customer Service Manager

Informative,energetic,inspiring and she was very knowledgeable about her subject. Her personality and enthusiasm captivated the whole audience.

Mark Griffiths - Life Coach