Learning & Development

In November 2006 Liggy set up The Learning Architect which is an international consortium of highly experienced behavioural skills specialists.

The aim of the organisation is to distil complexity and ensure that the approach to learning and development is accessible and transferable.

The Learning Architect works in partnership with a range of organisations across industry sector to actively engage and inspire individuals to take personal responsibility which will result in positive action in the day-to-day working environment.

There is a great deal of emphasis on sustainability and they offer a wide range of learning solutions and support mechanisms to ensure you return your investment.

Key programmes include:

  • Modern Life Skills
  • Resilience Through Change
  • Workplace Wellness

On-line Life Skills Library

Liggy has worked with The Learning Architect to develop an on-line library with over 100 resources including bite size videos, audio book, mini eBooks and toolkits. If you would like a free trial please email info@thelearningarchitect.com

Visit www.thelearningarchitect.com for more information