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10 ways to feel good right now!

Categories:  Personal development

How to feel good10 ways to feel good right now!

When you are feeling low and need a boost here are ten ways to make you feel better!

1. List all your accomplishments

Sometimes you just need to remember all the positive things that you have achieved in your life so making a list to remind yourself will give you a confidence boost   

2. Do 10 minutes of exercise

Just a quick 10 minutes of exercise. Even if it is a quick run up and downstairs or standing up and stretching and walking about for a bit will give you an energy boost.

3. Find something to give away

If you have something you don’t need or use, and it might be something someone else might need or use, give it to them.

4. Lift someone else’s spirits

You can turn around bad feelings about yourself right away when you channel your energy into making someone feel good about themselves by doing or saying something nice.

5. Phone a friend

Who needs psychiatrist when you have friends? Friends can be walking, talking tonics and remind you that you are not alone!

6. Write down a goal

If you are feeling a bit low, think of something that would like to achieve and create a goal.

7. Relive your best memory

Focus on a wonderful, happy memory and take a few minutes to dwell on it. Go through all of the details and relive the experience in your mind and see how good it makes you feel.

8. Smile

Just the very act of smiling tells your brain that you are happy.

9. Let someone else decide

If you feel under pressure sometimes it is good to take the heat out of the situation and let someone else make the decision for you. You don’t always have to be in total control!

10 Turn off your computer and connect

Just connecting with another person will help you to feel less isolated and they may say something nice to you that will make you feel better.