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Bounce Ability

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Bounce Ability!

I am delighted to announce..... that I have just finished the final edit for my next book on resilience which will be published on the 13th February 2013 by Capstone Wiley.

This book has been a labour of love and such an education to write. I was so fortunate to be able to interview people and share their experiences as well as my own. Some people certainly seem to have more than their fair share of setbacks however it is remarkable how bouncy people can be! It really isn’t about how far you fall , it is all about how high you can bounce back again.

Bounce Ability

The new book will look at 10 key strategies which will include the following:

1.Take a journey of self discovery

Understanding yourself is the first port of call and then reminding yourself of your strengths and accomplishments is key.

2. See the glass half full

Being an optimist does not mean being naive and ignoring the problem. It means understanding that setbacks are transient and that you have the skills and abilities to combat the challenges you face.

3. Take emotional control

Being emotionally aware and recognising how you can potentially react in certain situations will help you to take more self control. It will also help you to be more considerate with regards to how your reaction can affect other people.

4. Change for the better

Flexibility is an essential part of being able to manage change and, by learning how to be more adaptable, you will be much better equipped to respond to any life crisis you experience.

5. Cope well with conflict

Conflict is an inevitable part of life. We all have different personalities and along with those go belief systems, values, perspectives, likes and dislikes. Some conflict can be difficult and, at times, unsettling –-especially if you take it personally and are very sensitive.

6. Embrace probortunities

The word probortunity is a hybrid between the word “problem” and “opportunity” and looks at the concept of taking every problem situation and seeking out the opportunity. It works on the premise that even in every crisis situation an opportunity will arise and there will be some benefit.

7. Look after yourself

This is the time when you need to work on building your self-nurturance skills, especially when you are troubled. Making time to invest into your wellbeing will boost your overall health and resilience and you will be better equipped to be face life's challenges.

8. Make connections

Building and sustaining a strong network of supportive friends, family and work colleagues will act as a protective factor during times of crisis. It is important to have people you trust and can confide in.

9. Keep going

Winston Churchill summed this up perfectly. “If you are going through hell, keep going.” There is a lot be said for picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and carrying on. Being resilient is about the ability to bounce back and get on with life.

10. Create a vision

In times of crisis or when you are feeling low it is good to hold on to your dream and not lose sight of the fact that you can always have something to look forward to. There are lots of benefits to creating a vision and setting goals.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.